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Vol. 2, Issue 13, May 9th, 2016





Oh, Canada! Trips & Tips


By Alice Scott

The Canadian dollar today equals 75 cents but don’t rub it in while there, eh? While some businesses accept American dollars, change will be given in Canadian currency at a less favorable rate. Exchange money inside banks to avoid this and ATM fees. [...]





Golf In Ontario Your Next Golf Destination!


By Alice Scott

Coast to Coast, Canada is full of great golf. Prince Edward Island, The new Cabot Links and Cliffs, Banff Springs, Whistler; but home to over 800+ golf courses it’s the province of Ontario that often gets overlooked [...]




Golfing In Ottawa’s Countryside


By Alice Scott

Located one hour west of Montreal and north of the American border, we invite you to come “Savour the Outdoors” in Eastern Ontario! With over 150 golf courses in the Ottawa and Gatineau region, including seven in Prescott & Russell [...]







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